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What is TkTwitt?

TkTwitt is a Twitter client written in Python. It connects to Twitter with use of python-twitter library. The main aim of this project is to deliver simple yet powerful client for Twitter popular social network. TkTwitt utilities Tk library in Python (tkinter) to create user interface.

Current Status

Project is in early stages, but some functionality exist. Check this page for further updates on development. Check Download section on how to get latest release or source-code. At the moment TkTwitt uses HTTP authorisation, and will not be identified by Twitter. Later on i will implement OAuth (that will be then a mandatory dependency).

Current features are :

  • View tweets from peoples that you follow,
  • Follow links in tweets,
  • See list of peoples that you follow,
  • Post a Tweet,
  • See tweets where you are mentioned,
  • See direct messages.
  • Auto update
  • Avatar support

TkTwitt is still under heavy development. Use it at your own risk.

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